Welcome to Belly Dance Elysium

Belly Dance Elysium is a centrally located school in Adelaide dedicated to the art of belly dance, also known as raks sharki in Arabic and oryantal in Turkish.

We pride ourselves in offering professional, quality and fun tuition in traditional and contemporary belly dance in a relaxed, friendly and nurturing environment. Our classes are suitable for students of all ages and fitness levels, from complete beginners to advanced dancers.

Along with belly dance, we also specialise in tuition for other Middle Eastern and ethnic dance styles such as Egyptian Saidi and Iskandarani, Turkish Roman, khaleegy from the Persian Gulf, Iraqi Kawliya, Balkan fusion, Russian Roma, classical Persian and Uyghur. Middle Eastern drumming, fitness and children's workshops are other classes we offer.


Our teachers come from a myriad of cultural backgrounds such as Turkish, Lebanese, German, Mexican, English and Irish. The school is also one of only a few in Australia and the Western world to have the expertise of a Middle Eastern director and principal teacher.


In addition to offering classes in dance, music and fitness, our professional and enchanting performers are renown for delighting audiences with their spectacular belly dance shows for all types of family, social, community and corporate events. Our dance troupe is also the official performance group for the Turkish Association of South Australia, representing them at many events.

Our dedicated, professional and friendly teaching team have devoted their lives to dance and music. Our passion for these blissful art forms transposes us into a perfect state of happiness - an elysium - and here at Belly Dance Elysium we love sharing our passion with the people of Adelaide, Australia and beyond.

Gülten, Holly, Dively, Jo and Fouad
Belly Dance Elysium

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